Missions Committee

Managing the financial areas of Missions Projects and Community Missions.  
  • Must be an active member of FBCKC.
  • Committee is responsible for the vision, development, and implementation of all local, regional, national, and global mission projects.
  • The committee recommends to the church mission projects that will further the Lord’s work.
  • The committee prepares budgets for mission projects.
  • The committee oversees the distribution of church approved budgets to those projects.
  • Characteristics needed: one who has a heart for missions and evangelism, and a love for the lost.
  • Spiritual Gifts desired: hospitality, mercy, evangelism, serving, exhortation, faith.

Finance Committee

  • Must be an active member of FBCKC. 
  • The committee has the responsibility of overseeing the financial affairs of the church by ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to protect the integrity of the church’s financial needs.  
  • The committee prepares the church’s annual budget for approval by the church.
  •  The committee selects the banks in which the church’s funds will be deposited.
  • The committee controls the expenditures of church funds in order to ensure disbursements are in accordance with the adopted budget.
  • The committee ensures that proper bookkeeping records are kept by the church of its funds.
  • Characteristics needed: one who can understand numbers but act on faith, one who can grasp the church budgeting process and its differences from business budgeting.
  • Spiritual Gifts desired: faith, wisdom, discernment, giving, serving

Building Committee

Initial Planning Committee

Assimilation Team

A team to help guests find a home in our church and get more connected.

Youth Pastor Search Committee


•Must be an active member FBCKC
•Trustees serve as officers of the corporation of First Southern Baptist Church of Kimberling City.
•Trustees are to be persons of moral integrity and of good rapport among church members.
•Trustees hold in trust the titles of all property of the church and represent the church in all legal matters related to the purchase, improvement, and disposal of church property.
•Trustees execute all legal papers on behalf of the church.
•Trustees can only act in accordance with specific votes of the church.
•Characteristics needed:  one who has the ability to understand some of the legal paperwork he/she will sign on behalf of the church.
•Spiritual Gifts desired:  leadership, wisdom, serving, discernment.

Nominating Committee

  • “The Nominating Committee coordinates the staffing of all church leadership positions that are filled by volunteers, except Deacons, by nominating persons for each position for election by the church at a business meeting.” (Bylaws Article IV, Section 2.A.1)
  • The term is for three years unless it is filling a vacancy with an unexpired term.
  • Must be an active member of FBCKC.
  • Members will prayerfully seek and enlist individuals to fill the various volunteer leadership positions at FBCKC.
  • Members should have a good working knowledge of the ministries of FBCKC and the level of involvement needed for each position.
  • Characteristics needed: Need to know people and their gifts and abilities.
  • Spiritual Gifts desired: discernment, wisdom, service

Personnel Committee

  • Must be an active member of FBCKC .
  • The committee has the responsibility for all personnel matters related to paid non-pastoral/ministerial staff positions.
  • The committee prepares job descriptions for all staff positions.
  • The committee recommends other policies pertaining to human resources matters.
  • The committee recommends starting salary to staff search committees.
  • The committee recommends revisions to the remuneration of all personnel.
  • Characteristics needed: managerial experience, supervisory/guidance experience.
  • Spiritual Gifts desired: discernment, administration, serving, exhortation, wisdom.

Properties Committee

  • Must be an active member of FBCKC.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the physical properties of FBCKC including: Buildings, Grounds, Equipment, Furniture, Other assets.
  • Members should have basic ability to perform maintenance tasks or evaluate the scope of a project.
  • The committee takes measures for the management, modification, protection, maintenance, and insurance of the church’s physical assets.
  •  The committee recommends policies regarding the use of church properties.
  • Characteristics needed: ability to do “hands-on” physical work, knowledge of how to accomplish projects
  • Spiritual Gifts desired: serving, administration, wisdom

Deacon Body

  • A candidate for a Deacon must be a born again believer of honest report, full of the Holy Spirit and an active witness for Jesus Christ.
  •  A Deacon should be a servant of God and conform with the meaning of the word and practice of the New Testament as reflected by the principles set forth in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. They should be regular in attendance at church meetings and church activities. They should be zealous to guard the unity of the spirit within the church in the bonds of peace and brotherly love. They should have strong convictions in the church’s affiliations.
  • Any adult male may be considered as a candidate for a Deacon after they have been a member of the church for one (1) year.